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Color Guard Wants You!


BY Meghan Vogt
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Start’s marching band is one of the largest student organizations in the school. This year we had over sixty members, including twelve color guard members. The musician side of the band always stays relatively large. But in just the last five years, the number of color guard members has fluctuated between four and thirteen.

The majority of marching musicians have been in band for years, which may be intimidating for students who do not play an instrument. If one wishes to be involved in marching band, but does not play an instrument, the color guard is a wonderful option because the majority of Start color guard members actually do not have experience, so they all learn together.

This year, there are seven color guard seniors graduating, so recruitment for new members is a top priority.

The color guard spins flag and marches at football games and also marches in two or three parades every year. Being a marching band member is a great way to show school spirit and get involved in the community all while having fun with band friends.

If you or someone you know is interested in trying out for color guard, he or she need only show up in the auxiliary gym Thursday, May 19th after school in comfortable clothing ready to learn. During try outs, students will learn flag basics and some basic moves, and then they will learn a routine and perform it in small groups.

You will be assessed partly on how well you follow the newly-taught flag technique, but mostly on your attitude, focus, determination and potential. There is no limit to the number of color guard members that can be on the team, so if you are good, you will get a spot.

I hope to see you there.