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Advanced Guide to Yearbook Signing


BY Austin Hill
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

When it comes to signing yearbooks, a lot of people find themselves in an uncertain situation. They often draw a blank and have no idea what to say, as they feel pressured by writing what will be their only legacy in the yearbook owner’s mind. And for those people, I have prepared this handy-dandy guide to writing the perfect yearbook memos.

I have signed countless yearbooks (easily 5+) this year alone, and with such experience I will share my expertise so that overpriced scrapbook might become worth what you’ve paid from these newly crafted, quality signatures.

First, you must decipher how well you know this person you are signing for. For this purpose, you must rate your friendship on a scale of 1-4, with 1 being occasional eye contact and 4 being a person who defined your high school experience. With that done, follow the corresponding procedures.

Level 1:

Sign your name. Cursive is optional.

Level 2:

Have a canned phrase or two prepared for all level two friends you come across. Classic lines include “Have a great summer” or “Good luck, it’s been great knowing you.” If you are feeling frisky, you can have other lines in your arsenal such as “I’m so glad you got to meet me this year.”

Level 3:

Start by writing their name. This is important as it adds a sense of personalness from being presented like a handwritten letter. Now that that’s out of the away, insert a canned line from level 2.

Level 4:

This is where it gets interesting and you should take a more thoughtful approach. Like a level three signature, start off with the owner’s name. Then, open up with the words “I love you.” That is not an option or a joke, it is mandatory. These first few words are the intro song to the timeless album you are about to create, so you must start off with the most hard-hitting verse to reel them in before they regret ever handing you the yearbook. After the essentials, be sure to include an inside joke or a shared memory to craft an essay that will really resonate with that person. Then, judge them as a human being by describing any qualities about them that have brought them into the level 4 friendship. Finally, address the future by sharing where your relationships will be later in life or simply telling them you will miss them.