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Principal Perozek welcomes LifeAtStart.com

Start principal Edward Perozek
Start principal Edward Perozek

As I think about the impact LifeAtStart.com can have on Start High School and Toledo Public Schools, I remember my high school days.

During those fours years, I anxiously waited to read the school newspaper, and I hope that our students feel the same.

However, instead of picking it up, finding an old, overused leather chair in our Library to read it, now students can pull out their phone while walking to class to read the articles.

Being the Instructional Leader of this building, I am excited to build a strong relationship with The Blade. This is giving our students the means to share ideas, raise school awareness and collaborate between faculty, other students, and Dave Murray from The Blade.

LifeAtStart.com also gives the opportunity for aspiring writers to get their “work” out to the public, bringing Start and TPS into a technology oriented school district.

Start High School Principal
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