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What people are saying about LifeAtStart


letters-to-editorCongrats on the launch of your digital newspaper!!! It looks amazing and it gives your students a wonderful opportunity to express themselves through writing about the things that matter to them and their peers! KUDOS!!!
Candice Harrison

This website is amazing…keep up the great work. Lucky you guys have such a great adviser!!
Steve Dufrane

After reading [Blade reporter Nolan] Rosenkrans’s article, I immediately fired up the laptop and here I am. This already looks like a professional site, and I know that you Spartans will take it to the next level. You have an awesome teacher/advisor in Ms. Mandley, but you all already know that. Frankly, I’m jealous: Bowsher doesn’t have anything like this. Putting Southside snobbery aside, I wish you all the best. We will kick your butts in football Friday.
David Teall

Congratulations on your debut on the web. It is great to have the “news” back at Start High School. And, thank you to The Blade for all their help. Ms. Mandley, your students are lucky to have you here at SHS.
Arlene Rinaldo