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Get to know Mr. Crosley

Get to know Mr. Crosley

By Tia Price

Have you ever walked down the burgundy hall? Mr. Crosley is a Business Law teacher who is in room 149; he is a short, white male, a bit funny if you understand him. Anyways, do you wanna know why he teaches Business Law? He enjoys teaching it! He said the kids are nice and he enjoys his classes and coworkers. I asked him, “how can you meet the needs of an IEP student”… he first reads the IEP and see what subjects it’s in.

He wishes he would’ve known how much the teachers gossip before his first year. He said the best part of teaching is “watching the kids grow.” HE does not stay organized, have you seen his desk?!! The worst lesson he ever taught was “Tora Tora Tora” the movie. Did I say he enjoys teaching? Well he does. At the end I asked him “Any questions?”, he was like yea;  y’all ready for the question? Okay “how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Hilarious right??? no, bye. 

Tia interviews Mr. Ken Crosley for and inside look into his teaching