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The balancing act

The balancing act

By Nijah Randolph-Williams

Before I got a job, I thought that working and going to school at the same time would be a piece of cake, but recently I’ve found myself having trouble finding a balance between the two.

I work everyday besides Wednesday and I’m in honors classes, so sometimes I have way too much work and not enough time to do it. When I do go to work I go straight from school, so I don’t even have a moment to stop and think about what assignments I might have to do when I get home. Most days I’m up late at night just trying to catch up on work or study for tests or quizzes I might have the next day. Some days I might have had so much stuff to do at my job, that I completely forget about my homework.

I’ve been trying to come up with better techniques in order for me to be able to balance everything out. I have started to write down all my assignments and use Google Classroom to my advantage when it comes to remembering what I have to do. As far as my job goes, I’m going to start working less so I have more time in my schedule to get my school work done. I realize school is the most important thing, and I’m willing to go as far as to quit my job in order to maintain my good grades, but hopefully I can create a more flexible schedule before having to go that far.

I also realize that if I focus a little harder than I am and not slack off so much, I could get everything done on time. As long as I continue to realize what’s important, and how I want my GPA to be at the end of the year, I will get it done