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Illegal creativity



By Mia Richardson
LifeAtStart.com reporter

Graffiti is art, from the bright colors to the precise details they have and the creativity/time the artists put into their work.

Graffiti is considered a crime since you are doodling or drawing on someone’s property, even worse a business property; most graffiti is found on trains or in alleys that you will see everywhere. It’ll be a variety of art which makes it so amazing that it’s really people out there talented and are hiding their identity.

Since it is a crime it’s often overlooked and most companies that “make” artists big wouldn’t want a “criminal” working with them which is why most of these artists do not really get noticed or get a good job, but it is possible for someone to become successful and when they do their very lucky.

They use this art to express their feelings/emotions, for fun and because they just love doing it for a living and it shows in their work; it also can be an escape from the world if someone is going through depression.

Graffiti is art, anything can be art when you put your heart, creativity and imagination into a task.