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Turning the page


By Katlyn Humphrey

LifeAtStart.com reporter

Over the course of my life I have been reading books. Ever since my Junie B. Jones and Super Fudge phases my reading has expanded. I’ve noticed how my genre of books change with me.When I went through phases in my life like my rebellious, Gothic, and hopeless romantic, I gravitated towards those genres.

As I kept reading, it opened the door for many more opportunities such as writing and creativity. I made the story come to life in my  head like a movie. When the book ended I picked up my journal and started writing. They became an important part of my life.

Books are my escape from reality and in the end they became my friends. I can always rely on them and they make me happy. Overall, reading helped shape me into the bookworm that I am. I still enjoy reading and take most of my days one book at a time.