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Time to time part 3


By Kylee Day
LifeAtStart.com reporter

That morning, Aryn woke up earlier than usual. She could’ve gone back to sleep, it’s not like she would’ve had any trouble with that part, but she simply didn’t want to. She wasn’t tired and it’s very rare that someone is to wake up and not feel the slightest bit tired so, she took the opportunity to do something more productive. She started with the living room. Aryn found the vase that was thrown to the ground the night before, in pieces. Aryn was no stranger to picking up her parents’ messes so, she knew to wear shoes as she cleaned the floor, she knew to use two plastic bags instead of one for reassurance, and she also knew to take her time, not to rush, as she had cut her fingers on glass too many times before.

After she finished, Aryn made her way to the front door, grabbing her skateboard from beside the frame, and walked right out, not leaving a single trace that she had ever woken (unless you would count cleaning up the broken vase that laid on the floor just minutes before Aryn had left), behind. Where she would go, Aryn had no idea, but she knew she had to get away from that house, away from her parents.

The redhead decided to head in the direction of the only place she had ever been to in Bellwich, Maeve’s Place. However, she did not want to visit the diner, for which she had no money as well as no real reason to. As she thought about it, Aryn had resolved to find somewhere to go as she rode her skateboard in the direction of Maeve’s place.

On her way, Aryn noted several things about the neighborhood in which she lived. She noted the people who cared for their yards and those who didn’t, whose grass was still visibly dead and dull from the previous winter. She noted the kids that played outside, at nearly noon, because although Aryn had thought of noon being too early to go outside (today being the exception for her, of course), she realized these kids didn’t think that. She noted flowers beginning to bloom in the yards of a dozen houses and tried to remember them so, she could see them when they fully bloomed. She also noted a few other things, such as Christmas lights that were still up in trees and on roofs that were hadn’t been taken down yet, at the end of May, but there were so many things Aryn had observed, that she lost count and started to forget them just as soon as they entered her mind.

Then, Aryn saw a park, just ahead. As she got closer, Aryn noticed it was a small park, with only a swing-set and slide. Aryn also noticed Henry Clarke, who had been introduced to her just yesterday by a certain Rory Greene, watching two identical looking six year olds play.

“I really hope you know them, otherwise, this would be really creepy.” She told the boy, who had not noticed the girl until she had begun to speak. He looked to Aryn, his face changing from confused to surprised, and he shot her a look that said, all in its own, something like, “Do I really look like a pedophile to you?”. Aryn cracked a smile at that and stood next to Henry, leaning her skateboard on her left leg.

“Sisters?” Aryn asked. She didn’t really need to elaborate much more as Henry knew what she meant. He nodded.

“I got an older sister, too, but she’s off at college in New York.” He told the redhead.

“Cool, cool.” Aryn nodded her head to her response, watching the twin girls run around, seemingly playing tag.

After a few moments of silence, Aryn sighed and grabbed her skateboard once more.

“Well, I’m gonna go. No offense, but it’s just kinda boring watching your little sisters run in circles.”

“Tell me about it.” Henry laughed a bit.

“Okay, well, see ya, Henry.”

“Wait,” Henry stopped her just as Aryn set her foot on her board. She turned to him.

“Yeah?” She asked, holding her hand over her head to block the early afternoon sun from her eyes.

“Do you, uh… do you want Rory’s number?” The question surprised Aryn. Why would he ask her something so… out of the blue? “She kept complaining in the car on the way to her house how she should’ve gotten your number so she could call you.” To say that Aryn was happy with this fact would be an understatement. She was elated.

“Yeah, yeah, of course I’d want her number.” The girl answered. Henry took a pen from his pocket and walked over to Aryn. “You keep a pen… in your back pocket?”

“Yeah, one stab to the neck and if someone tries to mug me, they’re either dead or injured. You can never be too careful.” Aryn laughed and Henry took her arm and began to write Rory’s number on it.

“Remind me to not sneak up on you.” Aryn told the boy, who began writing a second number. “That yours?” She asked.

“Yeah, I guess we’re friends now so, you should at least have my number.” Yeah, I guess we are, Aryn thought to herself.