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Drowning in stress


By Bailey Poland
LifeatStart.com reporter

Coming into senior year I thought it would just fly by and be the funniest and easiest year I’ve had out of my high school experience. I have been very wrong. Considering I’m technically not on track of graduation because I have 17 out of 18 points on my OST testing, which I believe should not even be the point of graduating. I have to work harder just to get one more point on the those test, even though I have all my credits and I’m an all A’s and B’s student.

I was taken out of my 5th hour to be put in a OST prep class to help me get this last point. Not knowing until march if I got the point is nerve-racking. If I don’t pass, I’ll have an opportunity to retake it in march but I wont get the results back in time to walk with my class.

Applying to college, maintaining a job, staying in sports, even contacting my friends has gotten harder for me with all the responsibilities I’ve had to take over. Although it’s not for much longer I feel like I shouldn’t have to be stressing this bad, I should be having fun hopefully my last year here.