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Homecoming breakdown


By Cari Floyd

Lifeatstart.com reporter

The week of Homecoming is supposed to be a time where a school comes together, has fun, and shows their school spirit. Unfortunately, that’s not the case at Start.

Homecoming is planned by Student Body Government and we put in a lot of time and effort to make sure it’s fun for everyone.
Homecoming planning isn’t just about decorations and food. We have to deal with spirit days, themes, pep rallies, and much more. All of these things don’t just happen over night, it takes weeks to get everything planned out perfectly, approved, and set into stone.

Our spirit days are based off the theme for the actual dance, which students have the opportunity to vote on. This years theme was “A Night in Paris.” All of our ideas for spirit days tied into that theme, such as “tourist day” and “Pair-is day.” Many students didn’t like the days chosen so they changed them to themes that they thought were better. This was a huge slap in the face to all the members of SBG because we spent so much time planning everything out. There was so much arguing over these days when the whole thing could’ve been avoided. If you didn’t like the days chosen, you didn’t have to participate at all. If you wanted to have an input on the homecoming week, anyone could’ve showed up to SBG meetings and shared their opinions.

What was supposed to be a fun week turned into an upsetting week very quickly. Having an opinion is fine but, if you’re going to make it public, please do it in a respectful manner. Also, take into consideration how much time and effort people could have put into something before you try to bash it.

If anyone wants to voice their opinions about changes in the school or future spirit days please join us at SBG meetings every Thursday at 3 o’clock in room 158. I’d love to see you all there.