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Rings of glory


By Alicia Woods
LifeAtStart.com reporter

We all know of Saturn, the sixth planet from the sun. It’s most famous for it’s aesthetically pleasing rings, which are made up of ice, rocks and other space matter. And now the famed rings rains down into the planet’s atmosphere.

Cassini, one of Saturn’s many probes and satellites, crashed into the planet’s upper atmosphere on September 15, 2017 and ended it’s mission when it burned upon contact. In order to prevent contaminating Saturn’s moons it was ordered to dive into the planet’s atmosphere.

While now destroyed, Cassini did it’s job in capturing pictures just moments before it’s demise. One photograph depicted that of rain, hailing down from Saturn’s rings. Pouring down not rain but other materials such as organic and carbon molecules.

Not only is Saturn dense enough that it would float in a tub full of water but it’s rings also holds rain. Another phenomenal finding in the branch of science and certainly not the last.