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The many forms of art


By Leah Collins
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

What is art and why do people use it? I think art is a creative way people express their imagination like drawing, writing, music, dancing and many more. People use it because it shows how they feel or express the way something looks. You can be inspired in many ways to create art. Usually when I feel a certain way I draw or write a story that reflects to what I’m feeling. I use music  . We use Art just to make art sometimes. That’s called inspiration which we find somewhere outside our self.

Anyone can be an artist. Just because you can’t draw a square doesn’t mean you can’t draw, or just because you can’t write a story doesn’t mean you can’t express your ideas on paper. If you can’t think of anything to do something in art use inspiration.

Music is art because when someone makes music in any genre they are being creative by making words rhyme, creating a beat, and using instruments. Music really helps when it comes to art. If it’s the right kind of music it will give you the right kind of motivation to do whatever you enjoy.

People use art for everything. One day hopefully everyone will appreciate art and realize that without art this world would probably be blank.