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May I take your order please?


By Cari Floyd

LifeatStart.com reporter

Working in a fast food restaurant can be one of the worst and best things you ever do. I work at Taco Bell and people always ask me “do you like your job?” Most times I say “depends on what day you ask me.” Some days I love it while other days I just wanna throw my hat to the ground and storm out the door.

My favorite part about my job has to be my co-workers. Everyone argues like crazy but at the end of the day we’re like a big family. I also love the 50% off discount because I’m always broke so it comes in handy.

My least favorite part about my job is the customers. Some customers are very nice and make your day a little brighter while others are just rude and make you want to scream. The ones who are rude leave trash on the counters, don’t say “thank you,” and complain about the food that was made exactly how they ordered it. If I could have the nice customers my whole shift I would have no issue working.

If you work in a fast food restaurant or even a place where you have to deal with people directly, you’d understand the love-hate relationship I have with my job. If you’re ever in the mood for a taco or a Baja Blast come visit me at the Taco Bell in Franklin Park Mall!