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The power of music


By Nyk Miller
LifeAtStart.com reporter

Growing up, there was always a lot of music in my life. My mom enjoyed rap, my brother liked R&B, my sisters enjoyed country, and I like it all. I listened to anything they would listen to, appreciating each different style of music. When I turned eight, I started playing guitar. I remember my cousin teaching me, and the way that the strings felt and the beautiful sounds they created.

I never had much interest in rock as I had not been exposed to it very much until I started playing guitar. Once I heard it, I fell in love with it. A few years after playing, I bought my own acoustic guitar, (as my cousin wasn’t so keen on me borrowing his anymore) and began writing lyrics, using most of my free time to learn different ways of playing.

As I got older, music became so much more than something that sounded good, it became a coping method. Between screaming parents, school, my family falling apart, and struggling with my own identity and mental health, it was always an amazing feeling to block out everything and listen to music for awhile.

A couple years ago playing became too painful for me, as I have been developing carpal tunnel, so I focused more on my vocals.
My voice turned out to be the most difficult instrument to play, and I still continue to learn. Singing has made music much more personal, not only is my music just a sound, it also has developed a voice.

Though I enjoy concerts and challenging myself with new instruments, I feel most at home not when I am performing for someone else, but when it’s just me, a pen, paper, and a guitar.