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Are you positive


By Laynie Fry

lifeatstart.com reporter

Recently is health class we have been learning about different types of disease that affects the immune system. I was surprised to learn that 200,000 people are infected with HIV each year. Human immunodeficiency virus is a sexual transmitted infection(STI)that attacks a specific type of cell in your body called CD4, also know as immune cells.

Many people put HIV and AIDS together as though they are the same thing, but that’s not entirely true. If a person who has HIV does not seek medical treatment to find a way to control the virus and it continues to get worse, that is when AIDS occurs.

People who have AIDS don’t actually die from it, they die from whatever other sickness they get because their immune system just isn’t strong enough to fight off even a common cold. Just because a person has HIV or AIDS doesn’t mean they will die; there is medicine that a person can take to control the virus and live longer than expected.