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Stop the violence


By Cari Floyd
Lifeatstart.com reporter

School shootings is something that is way too common in this era. It’s a very real and scary thing that I just don’t think is being taken seriously. People joke about it on social media like lives weren’t taken and people weren’t mentally scarred. Memes get posted instead of honorary messages, people turn the whole situation over to race when it has nothing to do with that, people speak nonsense about the shooter being a good person instead of realizing that a good person never would have pulled out a gun and killed innocent people.

I feel so sorry for all the lives taken and all the families broken due to someone being so heartless. This issue needs to be resolved. Kids shouldn’t be afraid of going to school and having to wonder if it’s going to be their last day. When did our world become so cruel? I can only hope and pray that no more innocent lives are taken.