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Jordan or Lebron?


By: Tyree Carpenter

LifeAtStart.com reporter

Who’s better, LeBron James or Michael Jordan? This is the question you hear most of the time when your talking about basketball. There’s so much we can tell how each one is better than the other.

If we say Michael Jordan is better, we can say he has more rings, season MVP awards, and Finals MVP awards than Lebron. But if we were to say Lebron is better we can say that his stats are better than Jordan’s and that’s only because he is still playing and Jordan is retired.

In my opinion, Jordan is better than Lebron even though he is smaller. Michael is 6’6 and 216 lbs while Lebron is 6’8 and 250 lbs. Also the league has gotten soft from when Jordan played when a tap on the wrist wasn’t a foul and there wasn’t a lot of flopping. Most of the time if someone is driving to the basket and they act like the got fouled the refs will call it a foul. But this is one argument that will be around for a while and it probably won’t come to conclusion at all.