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Respect your parents


By Flor Gama

Lifeatstart.com reporter

You know what bothers me? Children and young adults who are disrespectful to their mother or father who raised them to be responsible, respectful and tried their best to give them what they want. I’ve noticed so many people being disrespectful to their parents in pubic and private because they don’t get what they want or can’t do what they want to do.

For example, I was over a friends house a couple months ago and her mother told her to go wash dishes but refused to. Her mom asked her a simple question, “Why didn’t you wash the dishes?” She started arguing with her about how she don’t live there so she doesn’t have to wash dishes. It was so rude. I would never dare talk to my mom that way.

Some kids just take their mom and dad for granted and it’s just sad seeing that because they don’t how special they are until something bad happens. A mother and father deserve many wonderful things in their lives. Just like mine. I love my parents way too much to ever disrespect them. It’ll just make me feel like I’m a failure as a daughter.

Well like I said before, don’t take your parents for granted because they wanna see the best in you. Make them proud and happy. They’re your heroes.