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Gateway to infection


By Skylar Martinez
Lifeatstart reporter

Most people have rewarded themselves at least once. In my case myself and many other girls get their nails done. For some they may get polish over their natural nails or opt to the traditional acrylic. For those who don’t know acrylics are fake nails covering your real nails often colored in your choice. It’s soothing and satisfying to watch your nails form from your imagination to your fingertips.

Unfortunately there are many risks behind getting acrylics that not all are educated on. For one, acrylics contain several chemicals that contribute to health risks, although the chemical methyl Methacrylate (MMA) was banned by FDA some nail salons still use it due to poor regulations in the industry. For those who don’t know MMA can cause eye and skin irritation, and even respiratory or neurological issues. Besides the chemicals there’s risks that hide within the tools that are not only used on you but other people. Without tools being sterilized between use you put yourself at risk of transmitting diseases like nail fungus, warts, Hepatitis B, and other bacterial infections are potentially life threatening and can be picked up by nail salons.

About 75% of salons in the US don’t follow protocol for disinfection. Instruments should be soaked around 20 minutes between clients but if it’s a busy day they might be taken out early leaving a gateway to infection.

After reading i hope you learned about the risk factors with getting your nails done and put them into consideration while you treating yourself could lead to a doctor treating you.