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Third hour family


By Korinne Phillips

LifeAtStart.com reporter

As upper classmen we often give freshman the advice to not expect to walk out of high school with the same people you walked in here with. This is because a lot of people are fake and like to switch up on you. When you get older you and your friends will also get boyfriends and jobs and your bond will not be as close as it was before.

I have also been given this advice and thought it was true, until this year. This year I took journalism and found some of the realist friends I have ever met. Through our articles our bond grew fast. We had to learn to trust each other and put our self in someone else’s shoes before even getting to know their name.

This group understands you and some can even fully relate to everything you’ve went through. They make sure they are always there for you in every way they can be. They stand up for you and they don’t let anyone come at you crazy. These girls always keep me in a great mood and keep smiles on my face. The girls are the reason that third hour is my favorite hour and they’re the reason I enjoy coming to school.

Our bond is so crazy close and I don’t think it could ever be replaced. I may not have walked into high school with these girls but I am positive that I will be walking out with them. Skylar, Autumn, Haleigh, Cari, Flor, Denise, Sophie, Laynie, and Angel, thank you guys so much for being the best friends I never had and making me a better and happier person.