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Shoulder on the mend


By Emani Lott

Lifeatstart.com reporter

As of Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017, I have a surgically repaired shoulder. At first, all the doctors thought I had was a SLAP tear. SLAP is a acronym for “Superior labral tear from an anterior to posterior”. The doctors said when they went into surgery for my shoulder they were greeted by other obstacles.

My procedure went from one hour to taking three because of these obstacles, which names are too complex to comprehend. I should mention I got to the hospital at 12:00 PM and still didn’t leave until 5:00 PM.

They sent me home in a sling and no shirt, so I was very cold. I have to wear this sling for six weeks which is when I’m supposed to be cleared. I cannot play any sport or engage in any physical activity except physical therapy for six months.

Will it all be worth? Yes. Will it be delightful? Definitely not. I will deal with this and try to come back stronger.