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Bermuda Triangle mysteries


By Flor Gama

Lifeatstart.com reporter

I’m sure by now some of you may have heard about the Bermuda triangle, or some may call it the “Devils Triangle”. The Bermuda Triangle is found in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where boats and planes mysteriously disappear and no one knows where they’ve gone. The Bermuda Triangle is between Miami, Puerto Rico and the non-Atlantic island Bermuda.
First I wanna talk about the first missing boat that went through the Bermuda Triangle which is the USS Cyclopes that disappeared in 1918 and it had 306 men in it. This ship was on its way to Baltimore from Salvador but they made a stop at Barbados to get additional supplies but when they left Barbados to go on its way back to Barbados the ship just disappeared. No one knows what happened or where they’ve gone.

Another case is Flight 19, so on December 5th, 1945 a group of five Grumman TBM Avenger torpedo bombers went to go on a routine training flight. At 2:10 pm they took off from the Navel Air Station in Florida. They were scheduled to do a three hour exercise. So about an hour and a half after they left, the captain Charles Taylor sent a radio transmission back to the navel base saying that their compasses weren’t working and that they thought they went to far so Lieutenant Robert Cox told them to come back by going north so Taylor did which took him further out to sea. One of the students that was with Taylor was over heard on the radio said that he told Taylor if they go west that they would go back home but he was being stubborn and kept flying north. Turns out that if they would’ve flew west they could’ve got back to the base. At 6:30 a plane was sent out to look for them to guide them back to the base and within the hour or two, two more planes were sent out as well but one of those planes disappeared also. The last signs of Flight 19 were at 7:04 pm and no one has heard from the men in the planes ever again. They’ve search all through the night and the next day but nothing or no one was found.

I’ve always wondered where they’ve gone or how and why they disappeared. The Bermuda Triangle is one of my favorite things to research because they are so many theories that are so interesting and might be true. I’m very fascinated with this and I could read about it all day.