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The big rivalry


By Tyree Carpenter

Lifeatstart.com reporter

On Saturday November 25, 2017 another Ohio State and Michigan game was televised. If you tuned in, you saw that Ohio State won for the sixth year in a row. Ohio State and Michigan is one the biggest rivalries in college football and maybe even in sports period.

The rivalry started in 1897 when Michigan won and the final score was 36-0. Ever since then, this game has been getting a lot attention in college football. It has been played annually since 1918, and at the end of the regular season since 1935. The location has altered every year; Michigan hosts in odd years and Ohio State hosts in even years.

Even though I’m an Ohio State fan, Michigan still leads in the series with the record of 58-49. In spite of the major rivalry, I hope one day that I can attend a game with my granny because she is a huge Michigan fan. I want her to be there with me when Ohio State defeats Michigan in Ann Arbor or Columbus.