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Flat Earth


By John Irby

LifeAtStart.com reporter


Recently there has been a lot of controversy on the earth being round. Members of the Flat Earth Society say the Earth is really flat. They claim that all satellite photographs of the earth are fake.  They also claim a rounded Earth is a conspiracy that was orchestrated by NASA and government agencies.
There are so many arguments on social media. One person tweeted, “how do you explain the Earth’s horizon always being at eye level’. Another person tweeted, “the Earth is round and there is photographic evidence to prove it”. The arguments and theories continue to grow.
I think the Earth is round because everyone else does, but I have not seen the earth from space so I would not know. I understand why people would claim the earth is flat you should be able to see a curve somewhere on earth. This interests me because I never really thought about it and now the arguments are everywhere.