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Fake news


By Marisa Garcia

LifeAtStart.com reporter

Social media has a huge impact in all of our everyday lives; I have taken interest on how we engage with what’s going on in the world through our internet resources. It should be common sense that everything on the internet isn’t reliable but  many people believe what they are seeing and reading on the internet, this is dangerous and has caused many problems and conflicts. If we all aren’t aware of this we could get ourselves into some trouble.

A large number of the United States population is participating in the use of social media. This is dangerous because the younger generation is being manipulated into believing what they see and hear through online sources without looking for the facts first. People are acting on things they don’t have much knowledge about and this becomes an issue when false news about our government or the president is being taken as factual.

I think all false websites should be banned from the United States, because of all the damage it has caused like the news of there being a deadly disease being spread in a small town located in the US back in 2016. We have the opportunity to stop it before it gets out of hand.