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Eyes Opened for Burma


By Laynie Fry

LifeatStart.com reporter

Burma has never been a civil place. A place for good people to lead good lives. A place were everyone could be who they wanted to be without the fear of being displaced or feeling unwanted. This needs to change. Everyone deserves a fair chance in this world. No matter who you are, or what you believe, you deserve to live.

Rohingya Burma is located near China and India. This country was ruled by a Buddhist Army. Muslims represented about 10% of the population and were subjected to extermination and displacement.

In 1784 a Buddhist king feared the spread of the Islamic belief in his region, and from then on he persecuted the Muslims. Muslim children were burned, people were killed and tortured just because of their belief system. Some tried to escape and move to different countries, but nobody would take them in. Therefore they were forced to die by murder or starvation.

On September 8th, 2017 Burma was attacked. It was estimated that over 400 people have been killed in the attacks and over a quarter of a million Muslims have fled across the boarder to Bangladesh. Since August 25th there have been allegations of extreme human right abuse in Burma. There have been violent attacks and mass populated villages have been burned down. Even rivers in Burma are filled with blood and horror. A man by the name of Zahir Ahmed said he made a panicked escape during one of the attacked and hid. There by the river, he watched his family live their final moments.

As Americans we often take our religious freedom for granted. We tend to forget that there are other countries and people and this world that are not as privileged as us. For example, people in Burma are being killed for their beliefs and the majority of the people in America do not seem to notice. It pains me to hear of these people being killed just because of their beliefs. I hope after reading this your eyes are opened to just how lucky we are.