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I want my two dollars back


By Me’Lyea Burton / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Last week Roy C.’s DECA program hosted the movie Selma.

Tickets were sold for two dollars and it was held in the YMCA auditorium during our sixth and seventh hours. The movie itself  is about Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights activists marching for equality and fairness between all people in America.

While MLKJ chose the nonviolent approach, others rebelled. Some of Start’s very own students showed a streak of rebellion.

During the movie, many students in the audience caused havoc. Though some decided to actually watch the movie they paid for, others talked, threw random objects at each other, and used the movie as a social escape away from class.

Fed up with the commotion, Dean Lenwarto Gayle announced that if the foolery persisted, everyone would be sent to class with no refund.

The students then began to cause an uproar of “boo’s” and “not me’s” and louder chattering. It wasn’t until about 20 minutes later that they realized he wasn’t joking. By the end of sixth hour, he stopped the movie and all students were dismissed to their seventh hour and, as promised, without a refund.

DECA raised over $1,200. Students of DECA were being harassed by angered students who wanted their money back but the students had nobody to blame but themselves. I was also upset, but at least I got to see the title menu.

It’s too bad students didn’t get to enjoy the break from class. Though this is nothing new at school, I would hope that if they spent money on something, no matter the amount, that they’d make it worth while.

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