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The Less Fortunate


BY Meghan Vogt

LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Being a few weeks into winter, the weather is becoming colder, often staying around freezing throughout the day. Although this weather is actually a bit warmer than it has been in the past about this same time of year, it is still quite cold, especially for those whose bodies are less adapted for this type of weather.

The combination of living in Ohio and being thin throughout one’s entire life is not necessarily ideal. Those living in the south do not have the freezing winters that those in north have every year, and those further north have even longer and colder winters and see generally cooler weather throughout the year and, therefore, are well used to the chilly weather. In Ohio, however, we have delightfully warm springs, hot summers and slightly cool autumns. Then winter comes along, and it is just cold.

We lightweights do not have many options for surviving this terrible, icy season. We are forced to either bundle up to the point of hindering our movement, stay indoors or shiver until our stomachs hurt. The frigidness will get much worse before the outside world is enjoyable once again, so please be kind to those who are less insulated than you. And remember: Yes, we are cold, and, yes, we would like your jacket.