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Dreams Are Worth More


Last night I had a dream
Back to when I was a little girl
With bone skinny legs and long curls
Lost and confused in this grown up world
Not knowing what to believe
Being preached different beliefs
Learned to seek more than to teach
Taught to fight for those who couldn’t speak
Last night I had a dream
Filled with heart ache and sorrow
One where you’re told there might not be a tomorrow
Threatening our students who prayed just to see a tomorrow
And yes, I prayed for Mizzou
Last night I had a dream
Filled with love and joy
Umoja has been spread to little girls and little boys
We came together to fight back
To prove we have a voice
We are strong
To our young kings and young queens
Know your worth and what you truly mean
Keep imani through it all
Never back down and always stand tall
Last night I had a dream
That dreams are worth more