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Staring at the Ceiling


BY Kaylah Kislan
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

A senior from Start was recently selected to represent our high school by creating and painting a design for a ceiling tile in a military recruiting office. Talya Warrick was instructed by principal, Mr. Edward Perozek, on October 9th to pay a visit to her painting teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Lahey.  Mrs. Lahey decided Talya would be the perfect person to take on the task of representing our high school through her creative talents. I got an exclusive interview with Ms. Warrick recalling the experience.

When I asked her what went through her mind when she was asked, her response wasn’t surprising. “I was honored,” she said with a smile on her face. Talya has always taken pride in any of her artistic endeavors. She soon admitted she had been a bit surprised. “I don’t know how they chose me,” she confessed.

A lot of preparation and planning had to happen before Talya could submit her design idea. For one, there were guidelines and restrictions. She was instructed to make the design representative of our high school but to try to also incorporate the military. The first design she created was a rough draft, and she realized it wouldn’t take up enough space on the tile. She tells me, “When I noticed how small it was, I started working on a second, larger design. This one was the most favorable.”

In her finished creation, she chose to have the Spartan in a gold helmet. He wore green army pants that resembled one of our school colors. The background was somewhat gloomy. I asked her about her choice color scheme and too my surprise, it was all of convenience to her. “Green and gold are our school colors, so it just worked.”

Painting a ceiling tile is no easy task. Come to find out, it is a lot different than painting on paper. “It took me about three weeks to paint it because I wasn’t used to painting on ceiling tile,” She proclaimed.

Despite the initial difficulty, Ms. Warrick’s design is now in the military recruiting office and it has been entered in a competition. She has been in contact with the recruiting office and plans to create and paint another ceiling tile for one of the desks in the office. Talya’s experience was a great showcase of talent here at your very own Roy C.