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Moral Decay


BY Me’Lyea Burton
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

This generation has destroyed chivalry and romance. Nobody gets to know each other. They just text, waste each other’s time, then stop communicating. Loyalty is based on how fast you text back, interest is based on how much you post pictures of your partner, and even worse, nobody trusts anybody enough to be committed. One moment everybody wants a relationship, and the other they just want Netflix and chill.

The popularity of #RelationshipGoals on social media is ridiculous. Couples take pictures of themselves at dinner or doing adventurous things, like cliff jumping, and post them online, only to be seen as relationship goals. Girls demand to be pampered . The boys have to buy their girlfriend gifts or it seems they don’t care for her. They most definitely have to show each other off, or their relationship isn’t real. It’s at the point where there’d be a post of a couple simply hugging, and the caption would be GOALS!!! with a dozen heart-eye emojis. Your goal is to get a hug? Really?

What happened to the boy and girl being friends first, getting to know each other, and meeting each other’s families? What happened to people actually dating and not using each other to gain the approval of social media? It makes me wonder if people even remember how to introduce themselves or spark up a nice, intellectual conversation. At this rate, when, and if, we have grandchildren, we’d talk about marriage as if it was a T-Rex. Extinct.