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Football Frantics


BY Me’Lyea Burton
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

It’s always the same group of kids. Some from other TPS high schools, and some from our very own, Start. They all sit in the same area, alert and ready for trouble to occur.

Two girls had a heated argument and later met behind the bleachers to fight. Though some people stayed in the stands, many of the others left to watch the altercation take flight. It didn’t take long for the security to catch on to what was happening, and they quickly defused the situation.

After the game was over, what seemed to be 50 kids met at Close Park to watch the girls continue the quarrel. The police broke it up, and sent the kids on their way. The students walked down Tremainsville, they yelled “F–k the police!” as they ran and threw rocks at the patrolling cars. Bypassing vehicles, including school buses, were also hit by the the rocks. In response to the officers calling for backup, the group divided and continued down Upton and Fitch. The commotion had finally seized.

Many may ask why the students behave like this, and there’s not a valid answer. Some are actually troubled teens, while others are just trying to follow the crowd. No matter the reason, another student, from an opposing school, being injured from their acts is unjustifiable.

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