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Teen Dating Violence


BY Rayne Wilcox
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

At the age of nine, girls are told that if a boy is mean to them, it means that they like you. When the girl turns sixteen she’s in her first committed relationship with a boy who says he loves her, and she believes him.
Two months into dating, the boy starts to be abusive towards the girl, she thinks he’s stressed from work, so she doesn’t say anything about it. As weeks go by, the abuse continues happening. She starts to wear long sleeve shirts and jeans to hide the bruises forming on her body from the boy who said he loved her.
Teen dating violence happens far too often. Girls are taught to tell someone if something like that happens, but how can you do that if the school’s administration doesn’t take action because the boy is the star football player?
I believe that schools need to take more action with this issue that majority of society ignores. This is the generation that can make a difference for the teen dating violence issue. We need to stop looking at the statistics and actually do something about it.
If you or anyone you know are in an abusive relationship, tell someone. You can even call or text TEEN LINE. You deserve to be happy and always remember, it is not your fault.

The phone number for this hotline is  310-855-4673 and you can text TEEN to 839863

My condolences to all the people affected by dating violence.

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