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You Are Being Monitored


By Austin Hill
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Although I’m being told that we are entering a new year, I don’t quite feel its impact. For me, at least, it feels only as a continuation of last year. I’ve not one new teacher, nor have I even encountered any of the two dozen rookie instructors. Familiar faces greet me at each classroom, and even the school lunch menu seems to remain intact.

The start of my senior year feels less like a fresh beginning and more as a stretch towards the end of a chapter. Even with how indistinctive the year started, I have however taken note of a different presence in the hallway, a very peculiar one at that.

No, it’s not the massive freshman class that has taken my notice, instead just a single man. I know little about him- only assumptions by his appearance. He is a CPO, but no ordinary CPO I tell you. Instead, he looks as if he has trained his entire life to break up high school skirmishes. By this I mean he is very clearly physically superior to the rest of the security staff, as if he is the product of some hall monitor boot camp. His strut is with such confidence and authority that I wouldn’t be surprised if not one fight dared to break out this school year, as if it knew it wouldn’t stand a chance against this physical specimen known as Jovan Bocvarov.

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