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By Julianna RuizĀ 

LifeAtStart.com reporter

College is right around the corner and so are the endless fees that come with it. Between books, meals, and general tuition you will be paying upwards of $10,000 a year for public university. That’s a lot of money.

It makes you wish there was some way you could reduce the number of zeros in that cost. You wish there was something that could help you afford that big number. Well, I have just the thing for you, scholarships.

Scholarships should be an important part of your senior year, maybe even as soon as your junior year. It’s never too early to start getting money for school.

Your first step should be going to your counselor. They will point you in the direction of Start’s scholarship drawer, that is full of some great forms for you to fill out. But, that’s not all they will do, counselors will also be a person you can put on your application to send out your transcripts.


Next, you should talk to a few of your teachers. They can give you advice about filling out your applications, especially your English teacher, who can give you great tips on how to get the most into your essays. Also, if you’ve been a good student, they could be a reference or give you letters of recommendation.

Another source of help is someone already in college. An older sibling, cousin, or other, will know a lot, like what they did that aided in getting the money.


And lastly, Google it. You can use anything that will pertain to you and there is bound to be a least one scholarship for it. Do you have glasses? Scholarship. Are you very tall or very short? Scholarship. Do you love Star Trek, and maybe even speak Klingon? Scholarship.


Scholarships are easy to find and apply for. Whether it’s a no-essay scholarship, or a scholarship you have to write two essays for. They are easy and well worth it. So go now and apply.

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