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Yelling and Screaming and Singing, Oh My!


By Joely Fry

LifeAtStart.com Reporter

We’ve all heard of ‘screamo music’, and all the stereotypes of it. It’s just yelling or screaming, no one can understand what they’re saying, it’s satanic music. That’s not true.

They’re using their voices just like an instrument or singing highs and lows. The fans know what they’re saying, and a lot of these ‘evil’ songs are actually about serious, and emotional things if you look into the lyrics.

Also, saying this music has any relation to the devil, when you listen to rap, is not okay. In the beginning of the song Faded by Tyga, a voice says “be nice to satan,” and the voice in Mercy by Kanye West has a reference to Matthew 13:42 in the bible, about gnashing and weeping when being sent to hell. Bands like Of Mice and Men, and Pierce The Veil have songs about personal things.

Second and Sebring buy OMM is about the vocalist, Austin Carlile’s mother passing away. She died from a connective tissue disorder, Marfan Syndrome, which he also has. In the song he says “This is not what it is, only baby scars. I need your love like a boy needs his mother’s side,” referring to his surgery scar from Marfans.

I’ve personally met people effected by OMM. I’ve seen them in concert and met a reviewer who enjoyed the band. In between sets, he told me their music had been his outlet when he was going through a hard time. “They saved my life, literally. And as another fan, know that I’m always here for you and I love you. Always stay strong, for me and for them,” he said before hurrying to finish his review.

Pierce the Veil has a song called Bulls in the Bronx, about a fan who committed suicide. Her friends contacted the band and Vic Fuentes (vocalist) wrote the sone for her. They often write for her, and to all of their fans. The members always make it clear that they care about their fans and are always there for them. The band is also involved with To Write Love On Her Arms.

This genre may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s some people’s inspiration, way of expression, and even life line. I have been to many concerts for a lot of different genres, but I can say these fans are the best. They’re the most dedicated and moved by the music. The overall environment is more powerful and the artists genuinely appreciate every person in the crown.

These bands are not demonic or evil. Even if you dislike the sound, do a little research before you claim to know what it’s about.

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