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Just Friends? Of Course.

By: Rysa Lake
LifeAtStart.com Reporter
A lot of people say the age old question is whether the chicken or the egg came first, but Idon’t agree. I believe it’s whether boys and girls can be just friends- nothing else.
I have heard you can’t because one person will fall for the other, normally the boy for the girl, but I beg to differ. You might start talking to someone because you’re in an unfamiliar place and this person looks inviting, not because you like them. Who knows? Within that split second of finding that nice looking person, you could make a life long friend. Friendships can blossom out of many things, but wanting to get with them isn’t one.
Now, you might be thinking of all the friends you have and how you met them, and if you’ve ever felt a potential of the two of you being a thing, nine times out of ten you haven’t. Yeah, you might think they are good looking, but who can’t have an opinion? Just because you think they look good doesn’t mean you want anything more. Coming from someone who has a decent amount of single guy friends, I can honestly say none of us has felt an attraction towards each other, and I don’t see that changing. Another personal experience I have encountered was growing up with a boy as a best friend. Even though plenty has changed physically, that magical time of puberty and all that jazz, nothing has changed mentally. We’ve been through thick and thin together, and if you think we have any sort of attraction towards each other, you are totally wrong. We don’t look at each other in that way, rather  as brother and sister.
In this day and age, most people say they can’t because they don’t want to be blamed for being the bad guy if the friendship falls through, and they’ll just say it was doomed from the start because they knew that person would fall for them. Yes, we’ve all asked the question if these people were together, just to get the reply that they are just friends, but they have the intention of getting together, meaning they want to be more than friends. Even though this is a thing, I’m a firm believer that two people can be just friends. Now after being friends for a while, things could develop and become something more, but I am saying that just because you see two people together, you shouldn’t assume they are trying to be a thing. 
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