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Movie Review: The Drop


By Andrew RussellĀ The Drop Movie (2)

LifeAtStart.com Reporter


The Drop follows Bob Saginowski, a man who works a mob run bar when it’s robbed, leaving him to repay the lost funds and overcome the obstacles those around him impose.

Not many people have likely heard about this movie, but its probably the best one in theaters right now.

This is a different kind of movie, with an air of mystery all over the place. This must be do to the acting and design of the characters. Tom Hardy (Bob Saginowski) played a character who is seemingly stale with lots of dry humor added into his dialogue. Bob doesn’t seem like a character who would have the potential of scenes requiring great acting, but there are moments through out the movie that require a good actor to give off a certain vibe in order to execute some of the final scenes, and Tom Hardy delivers this well. Bob ends up being a fairly interesting character, although he’s not the only one in the movie you wish you could know more about.

The characters in this movie are all interesting for the most part. All of them give the idea that there is something to be known, and they all have moments that you question because it doesn’t seem quite right. The variety of people that are in this movie is very wide, from the quiet and sarcastic Bob, to another key character who is unpredictable and violent. This variety of characters makes interaction between them intriguing and keeps you guessing about whats to happen next.

This isn’t a movie for everyone, though. If you were dragged to it by a friend and weren’t expecting to see it this might not be as entertaining for you as it was for me, who has been a fan of Tom Hardy since the movie Warrior in 2011. If you’re a fan of a mysterious story with unpredictable but realistic characters, then you’d enjoy this movie.

I’ve been thinking about where I’d rate The Drop on a scale of one to ten, as eight seems a little too high and seven seems a little too low. This is really hard to put a definitive rating on with how difficult it is to compare to other movies. I’ve settled on a very specific 7.8/ 10, and I hope that I can be more general with my ratings in the future.

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