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Pep Rally Sadness


By Joely Fry
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

There are a lot of differences between freshmen and seniors, but one of the biggest is school spirit. The homecoming pep rally shows that differences, by participation, spirit links, and overall interest.

During the chants at the rally, freshman show some spirit because they’re excited to be in high school, but they’re still new and awkward. Sophomores lose the new-to-school spirit, and mostly go to get out of class. They, at least in my four years, show less spirit than ninth graders.

By junior year, everyone knows the chants and realize they’re half done with school, but still only about half the students join in. Seniors always show the most spirit.
The biggest way each class participates is through the Student Body Government spirit links. This year, over $200 was raised, but the seniors alone made $187, according to SBG member Jumoke Ayodeji, a senior.

When we ran the chain of spirit links through the gym, senior Eric Duncan told me “Lenny and I were at the front of the links, and when we got done running, there were still people from the end in the hallway. It could have wrapped around the gym twice.”

Each year, school spirit levels change as we get a grade older. Seniors blow the underclassmen out of the water, and juniors aren’t bad, but everyone could enjoy pep rallies more if they showed more spirit. Hopefully, in the future, everyone buys more than $180 in links and gets excited to cheer for our Spartans.

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