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By Julianna Ruiz
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Everyone says your senior year is the best and easiest year of your high school career.

But, with having to apply for college and scholarships, trying to maintain good grades for your application, and worrying about getting a good score on the ACT, it could also be the most stressful. But, don’t fret, LifeAtStart is here to help you get through your senior year unscathed and completely ready for your life after high school.OGT_image1

The first obstacle you have to overcome is taking or retaking the ACT. By suggestion of the counselor you could have taken it your junior year, so that if you were unsatisfied with your score you could improve it later, but waiting for your senior year is just fine.

Signing up for the ACT is easy. An efficient website to use to register is actstudent.org. All you have to do is create an account, fill out a few things about you and your grades, and then pay. You have two paying options, either $54 if you decide to include the writing section and $38 if you don’t.

The ACT can be a scary test, it’s hard, important, and timed. But, there are lots of ways you can get prepared for taking it. One simple way is to ask someone who has taken it before, just to get a general sense of what you’ve gotten yourself into. Or go see your counselor, they can give you a booklet with more info on the ACT and a practice test in the back. And lastly, the most helpful option, online practice tests. You can create an account on March2success.com, which gives you an abundance of different practice tests to try out, most of which are timed to get you used to having strict time limits.

The next test is December 13 and the deadline isn’t until November 7, so you have plenty of time to sign up.

The ACT is an important test, but it’s nothing you can’t handle and I believe anyone who tries their hardest will do great.