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Student Athlete of the Month


By Monica Rodriguez
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Brianna DeVaul
Brianna DeVaul

Brianna DeVaul was picked as this school year’s first Student Athlete of the Month by her cross country coach, Jesse Squire. ¬†He selected her because she is one of the best runners in the city and has worked very hard to get there.

Brianna is a senior and an amazing cross country runner. When asked why she chose running, she replied “It’s an independent self-rewarding sport.” With her best time being 21:47 while running the 5k, Brianna hopes to win 1st at the city championships as an individual and as a team.

Her favorite food is pizza, but during running season she eats lots of pasta for good carbs. Brianna drinks lots of water, but after her race is over she enjoys a nice cold glass of chocolate milk. “Before a race I listen to rap music because it gets me pumped up” she explained when asked what genre of music she enjoyed most.

Like every teenage girl, Brianna loves to hangout with her friends when she’s not working out or studying.

Brianna does not plan to continue her running career after high school, but she does plan attending school at  either Bowling Green State University or Eastern Michigan University to study psychology.

Way to go Brianna!

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